The damsel in distress has reached the expiration date, thank you very much

Gothic... yup...

Gothic… you know… something something pointed arches…

I’ve been thinking about the subject of this post for months, on and off and on again.
It’s the kind of thought I will continue to ruminate on at length, until I find the spark to start writing.

The spark came this evening, while talking with some trusted friends in a secluded and comfy spot of Facebook.
It was the kind of chitchatting that starts with the question “why the fuck do they call that awful, cliché-ridden paranormal romance gothic novel?” and then jumps to the abundance of cliché about women packed by the entertainment world; and to how infuriating it is to be a female writer who feels (and knows) that the audience expects her to write sugarcoated romantic bullshit; just to end up with the bedazzled question “what the fuck does she mean by make your lesbian main character a bit more lesbian?!”

It’s the kind of chitchat that ends up being a great venting opportunity and the source of some food for the mind.
The fact it fueled my own ruminations is just a bonus. Continua a leggere

Thunder and lightning

acheron booksDuring my Christmas holidays I had the pleasure of reading the first novel written by my friend Davide.
He worked on it for a long time and chitchatted about it on his blog at length. By the time the book was actually published, it felt like some distant relative about whom you know lots of weird and funny stories, even if you never met the guy in person.

the-ministry-of-thunder_72Then, when Acheron Books opened up shop and published The Ministry of Thunder, I finally met the guy, well, the guys and gals, in person.
And it was better than the weird and funny stories. Continua a leggere